CASUAL STYLING :: Countryside Boho Chic

Taking time out from everything (except a few minor essentials of course), is practice we should all indulge in from time to time. An overdue escapism, is how I would describe this past week and of course I couldn’t let the opportunity of taking the perfect set of imagery pass me by. This set is a lot different from what I have posted previously, demure and without any lavishly complimentary prose to back it up.

Speaking of lavish and contrary to that, this was a road-trip and i’m an avid fan of Mozambique’s coastline as well as riding shotgun so i can marvel at all the beauty of the plain fields. Before we headed to the coast we pit-stopped in a gorgeous location north of Mozambique for a bit of countryside love.  Travel and fashion are match made in heaven, i’m sticking by this theory as i’m sure you would all agree. Now that you know what i’ve been up to, i hope you can forgive my absence over the past week and enjoy browsing through the imagery set below that was made possible thanks to my super awesome partner in all things great!

See below for more details about this look and where you can can get it.

IMG_9130 IMG_9129IMG_9138 IMG_9133 IMG_9134


The key feature in my Countryside Boho Chic style for this post is a custom made printed , tasseled kimono. Printed kimono by Mulandi Artes

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