Fashion is a response to the world, and local is it’s new luxury.
The Mode Collective, is a fashion editorial creatively directed by yours truly. Now, before you get carried away with these visually impeccable shots (yes, i just blew my horn), i feel compelled to share with you a few behind-the-scenes details.
In the past three years i have become familiar with my inherent creative nuances and recently thought, “what better way to explore than to get out of my own head and put pen to paper and execute the perfect plan.”
Being an adult often means you should have an answer for that dreadful question “what is that you do?” Don’t get me wrong now, i don’t go around making up occupations, i usually just tend to summarise it just so i don’t have to get into too much detail, but truthfully speaking i’m a lot of things and each of those things have something if not everything to do with one another. As cliché as it sounds, i prefer not to be placed in a box or a category, in fact i consider myself a marketer and a creative. The creative part comprises of content creator,blogger, stylist, digital marketing advisor, amateur photographer and soon to be super quirky and witty writer (you think i have enough there?). All this to say, to those who might be a little surprised at this body of work done by me, just remember that i have a ton more tricks up my sleeve and this is the first of many to come. Fashion brands and marketers reading this, you know what to do *wink, wink*


There is something positive about being inexperienced. Simply throwing an idea into the air and not having a particular expectation of the outcome is crucial, even when you’re not completely sure of the direction you’re going in. This is the thrilling part of what I do! By creatively directing this editorial I was able to develop a full creative concept, pre-production and execution plan that was entirely my own. The biggest challenge or should I say the fun part in my view was the two hour time limit we had to shoot six looks. Once the extensive planning process was done and dusted in accordance with all parties involved, we rolled up our sleeves and flexed our creative muscles. The result? A full fledged high-fashion editorial filled with proudly local talent, a particularity I hope my readers will appreciate. I’m super excited to share this body of work with you, I’m proud of the team i worked with and all the effort we collectively put in to turn this into the first of many creative projects.


Meet Julia Manguene and Edmara General, both Elite Model Search Mozambique Edition finalists. If you’re not familiar with Elite Model Management, they are an international model and scouting agency. It was an immense pleasure working with the pair, their chemistry is clearly evident in the editorial. Fantastic work girls!


I had the great privilege of working with The Gold Collection by Eliana Murargy.
I had a blast styling this shoot with this designers garments, the elegance of each piece made it pretty much effortless to style, the rich tones and subtle hues made it blissful to shoot and the outcome was nothing short of golden magic.

These garments were paired with accessories by Rocha Carvão, a Portuguese handcrafted jewellery brand, which were a perfect fit and finishing touch for the styling of this editorial.


+ Creative Director Carla Fernandes 
+ Photographer Carlos Esper 
+ Models Edmara General and Julia Manguene  
+ Make-Up Alexa Correia 
+ Jewels Rocha Carvão 
+ Production Golo Marketing Agency 

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