Back to Black

All hail the little-black-everything, including this jumpsuit!  I could be exaggerating but i’m all for the simple yet effective looks this season. There’s definitely something elegant about effortless looks and throwing on a jumpsuit happens to be most fitting. Summer is here and as much as i want to look good, i really don’t want to break a sweat while trying to achieve that.
I know that to some, wearing black in summer for a ‘day look’ might seem a little over-the-top, but is it really? Personally, I cannot recall a time where wearing black has let me down, I recommend it all round, with very few exceptions. If you’re a working gal, like myself, this is the type of look that could easily take you from day, to late afternoon drinks after a hard days work. So, say it with me, back to black all day, any day!
Styling this look didn’t take much work, all thanks to the this gorgeous hat that evidently took centre stage. The single strap heels featured here will be a reoccurring item in the posts to come – consider this a warning and i say this with no reluctance whatsoever because real style lovers place items on repeat too. I am absolutely infatuated with these heels, the comfort, the heel height and of course it caters to my petit feet. Full details of this look follow further down. IMG_9298 IMG_9296
IMG_9332 IMG_9331
Strappy all-in-one Jumpsuit | H&M
Faux Panama Hat | Woolworths
Strap Sandals  Woolworths
Sling Bag | Parfois
Photos by Roberto Nicolau
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