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Are you a conscious shopper? Does it matter to you whether it’s organic or not, real animal skin or not? To be honest, my disposable income doesn’t allow for “real” anything anyway and i’m not even mad about it. Faux leather, aka “pleather” trends are a refreshing take on the rocker-chic trend.

The word “faux” is becoming a synonymous prefix when referring to alternative animal friendly options in fashion. Even prestigious fashion brands are betting on faux leather as an alternative to authentic leather. This ultimately means that we needn’t feel that buying ‘faux-anything’ is less than the quality you are paying for, quite the contrary actually, all it means is that the leather is artificial and no animals were harmed in the process.

I won’t get to much into that because i’m sure there are people out there who feel strongly about both of these options, i’m just glad that to achieve a “leather” look, i don’t have to break my bank or be frowned upon for fuelling the animal cruelty industry.

Last week I pulled out my faux leather shorts that i purchased a while ago from H&M and it’s been my go-to item for that slick, effortless, casual summer look. I am finding that versatility in the clothing i buy has become my key deciding factor as to whether i should shop it or drop it. Don’t get me wrong, i love fashion but i’ve become a smart consumer and i’m not easily swayed or pressured into buying trends just because. Some may argue this point, but I truly believe that money doesn’t buy you style however it can get you the latest trend in the highest quality that perhaps you might not even have a clue how to wear it. Style is in tune with your personality and often times even reflects a mood or phase in your life.

With all that said, capitalize on this wave of faux leather clothing and accessories while you can and you can bet on achieving that monochrome or minimalist style.

This is my casual take on the faux trend under 40 degrees celsius summer!!! Global warming is real. There i said it. On a lighter note, this #Hello top is simply everything, of course i’m too crazy in love with Adele’s new body of work.

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Faux Leather Shorts | H&M
Strap up stiletto heels | Jimmy Choo
#Hello Top | Woolworths
Sling bag | Woolworths

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