carla xiii by carla fernandes


After a few weeks of silence on the blog, i’m happy to report that I finally made time to produce interesting posts that i’m beyond eager to share with you all. Before i get carried away with mostly fashion and style related posts, i wanted to do a personal post before the year ends and yes just like you, i’m often left wondering where the year went. Firstly, I am elated to be well on my way on this new blogging journey and so far the future looks bright.

Since launching the blog in August this year, i feel a huge sense of intimacy with all my readers, i’m not referring to social media in particular, but to the those of you who click your way to my website and get in touch with me personally through social media or otherwise to comment, critic or applaud, if i haven’t said it before – thank you! Any journey is always better when it is shared, i appreciate your time and hope to continue inspiring you with my posts.
Now, as the year draws near to the end and before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, some of us will look back to year gone by to salute their achievements and toast to the year ahead. But there will also be those who until that day will be rushing to dot the i’s and cross the t’s with hopes of ensuring a new clean slate for the year ahead, new aspirations, new goals and resolutions.  I will be doing a bit both, which means a moment of reflection is due. Whatever you reflect on, don’t forget the little things that brought you so much joy and consistency, the things that kept you grounded when you felt your head in the clouds and the very life you are blessed to have that some were unable to continue on with us. Today, I am grateful and i am present, my only wish in the coming year to have even more of that engraved in soul and mind. To my family and friends, I LOVE YOU!
To 2015 and beyond!
Never forget or fail to LOVE YOURS.
P.s.Because every post has to be paired with a set images, I selected these because of their simplicity. Inspired by the gorgeous Zoe Kravitz. Let it go down on record that I am officially obsessed with her effortless and flawless beauty.
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carla xiii by carla fernandesIMG_9590 IMG_9585 IMG_9580 IMG_9561