Print Girl

Print is forever En Vogue!

Prior to embarking on my personal branded style blog, I took interest in photography, spoke to various creatives and even did a few impromptu sessions in between and had conversations about shared ambitions and aspirations.

Earlier this week whilst researching trend forecasts for the seasons ahead, one particular trend stood out the most for me, the”Wild Animal Print” trend. The Resort 2016 collections featured this undying trend abundantly. I’ve always been a “print girl”, but perhaps not so much of the “wild animal print”, i think that would just fuel a stereotype, you know coming from Africa and all. Every now and then however, you will find statement pieces that you figure, ‘hey, why not’, and this exact thought reminded of this shoot I did sometime back with a photographer friend Sofia Borges.
Sofia goes around with her Fujifilm X100 (that i drool over every time without shame) in search of the perfect picturesque moments. On a random sunny afternoon we took to the streets and ended up at the “Feira Popular” of Maputo.
This fond memory coincides with a recent opportunity that I just have to get my hands on. It was in these encounters that I learnt the value of creating magical and precious moments in streetstyle shooting.  I will never forget how happy I was with the final outcome, the demure edits and the play on colours from the rustic background.  This was when i decided that photography it is and blogging it is!
Styling this shoot was simple, like i said, i saw the two-piece hanging on a clothing rail at a local designers atelier – Carla Parente, and immediately took it off the rail and told her that i needed to shoot this, the world has to see this! I had never seen anything like it, a fusion of african wax print fabric with a top layer of metallic animal print. Simply gorgeous. The texture, the design and the fit.
Here’s a snippet of this nostalgic encounter.
As Instagram-mers would say #ThrowbackThursday !!!!
tumblr_ndeh1jtvfx1u1785oo2_1280 tumblr_ndeh1jtvfx1u1785oo1_1280


Custom two piece gold print design by Mozambican designer Carla Parente.

Let me know your thoughts on print wear and how you prefer to wear them and don’t forget to connect with me right here or on social media!