Fashion and art are two things that go together like pen and paper or salt and pepper!

For the longest time I had been wanting to collaborate with Filipa and Daniela Mondlane, better known to most as the AfroTwins. Finally after much talking, we did it. Although we had spoken about doing something together, we never quite decided on what that something would be, a day before I called them up about an impromptu shoot for my blog and of course they agreed.

We briefly spoke about the styling and because they are known for their hip and trendy style, I preferred that they dressed their signature style that in my opinion, never fails and always slay!!!

I picked a location that would suit my spur of the moment concept of “fashion loves art“. This statement is self explanatory when paired with fitting visuals, that was the challenge for this shoot. Shooting with this pair is blissful, they are easy on the lens and all I recall is us having a full blow conversation about all things under the sun whilst I would trail behind or ahead a few steps to get in a few snaps. The location offered an array of angles to shoot from that featured the rustic monochrome decor and beautiful artwork that were carefully placed on the walls of the gallery.

I had a blast during this shoot and if it wasn’t clear to me before, it surely is now, Streetstyle is definitely my preferred type of photography, the beauty is truly in its candidness and as the person behind the lens I am always in pursuit of those magical moments.

Get it into the shoot below as well as the styling details!
IMG_0015 IMG_0010
IMG_9986 IMG_9994 IMG_9993
Daniela // White Trousers by ASOS, Shirt by Zara,  Shoes by Alexander Wang x H&M, Sunnies by ASOS
Filipa // Blac playsuit by ASOS, Sandals by Office, Necklace S/O
Fundação Fernando Couto // Thank you to the team that allowed us to shoot at this beautiful location.
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