I bet that when Scott Schuman a.k.a The Sartorialist, a photographer widely recognised for pretty much starting the “streetstyle” trend of photography, ever stops to think that he has majorly influenced the life and future path of a young woman all the way in Southern Africa.  When I stumbled upon this challenge, I knew that all I need to do is channel the Scott Schuman in me and remix it with my personal stamp to best fit my creative perspective and environment.

For this shoot, I set the location and asked two really good friends to meet me there dressed in their personal style and current mood. All i had with me was my camera (Canon EOS 600D) and a vague idea of what I wanted to shoot. To my surprise, it all came to me the moment we got started. Their edgy sporty luxe style is contagious, makes you want to trade in all your heels and go for comfort over everything. Daniela paired her two-piece tomboy style with a very feminine pair of earrings, Filipa kept it laid back with a minimal sleeveless dress and a retro back-pack, the finishing touch were the caps that kept the “C” in cool for this shoot.

Location, Maputo, Mozambique, more specifically the CFM Railway Station that was in fact designed by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel.  I’m sure that name rings some bells so allow me to remind you, this is the same person that is responsible for the belle architectural design of the monument we love Paris for, the romantically alluring Eiffel Tower. I bet that got your attention! So, in the early 1900’s the CFM Railway Station in Maputo was built, it was and still is regarded as something of an architectural marvel, not to mention other accolades such as one the world’s most magnificent railway stations. This is one of two structures that Monsieur Eiffel was responsible for in Maputo, he also went on to design the Iron House (Casa de Ferro). Certain details are consistent in his designs, you can’t help but be in complete awe of the ornate ironwork, marble pillars and the spaciously elegant verandahs. The Railway Station contains a huge central dome with features that are still in tact to this day. The monument was recently refurbished and doused with a fresh coat of paint. This had ‘perfect location’ written all over it!

I chose this location on a whim but it proved to be the best decision and set the tone for the shoot. My guests are Swedish-Mozambican “fashion citizens” – no matter where they go they leave their style footprint, i like to refer to these type of individuals as fashion citizens. With the unmissable force of globalisation, the world is becoming a cultural melting pot, so much so that a current global trend is actually “being global”.  I’m mozambican born but I was raised and grew up in the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa. Although i’m based in Maputo now, I have an innate gravitational pull towards South Africa, hence on my Instagram bio I’ve written “Southern Africa” as my location just so I don’t have to get into specifics.

In summary, the Southern African region is becoming a powerhouse socially and economically, I’m proud to be rooted in both these spectacular places. All this to say that all is fair in love and fashion, and we are all fashion citizens if we are contributing to the awareness of style, curating fashion lifestyle or are avidly part of the fashion industry.

Without further ado, get into the shoot below. The styling details follow at the end, be sure to to check it out and connect with me on social media or comment here!!!

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Filipa Mondlane // Dress by Weekday, Sneakers by Adidas, Sunglasses by Spitfire, Cap (stylists own)

Daniela Mondlane // Two-Piece by Urban Outfitters, Sneakers by Adidas, Sunglasses by Spitfire, Cap (stylists own)