Hello MOZO

Hey guys!!
Since my last post with Loja das Meias, I haven’t worked on any brand or product reviews for the current season, partially because I didn’t think the temperatures would drop that much, but now that it seems to be freezing in Maputo, my boho-chic vibe is struggling to remain relevant.

That is until I was introduced to the Mozo Concept Store, a space where magic lives! A one-stop-shop for the perfect gift and if you live or have been to Maputo, you would have noticed the severe lack of places to go, to find a thoughtful gift. Especially if you have an eye for detail regarding craftsmanship, quality as well as price. Mozo caters to this particular need and so much more.

Handmade design jewellery and leather goods are their focal points, stocking international brands such as Matter of Fakt, Meraki Jewellery Design, Chapel and others. Most noteworthy, they cater to men too, very few establishments here do this. I don’t just mean they have a small hidden section in the back for men, no they actually have just as much for men on offer as there is for women. This is what I call strategic buyer skills.

Oh and get this, most the items found there are pretty much African inspired. African continent shaped jewellery, stickers and phone covers, again major gifting alert!

mozo concept store by carla xiii
Wearing necklaces and bracelets by Mozo, as well as sporting a genuine leather bag for my laptop.

About Mozo Concept Store

Just to give you a brief history, the Mozo Concept Store was founded by Sofia Borges, a brand strategist originally from Portugal but has since made Mozambique her home. I can still recall the very day she told me that she was going to put her fears aside and finally pursue her dream of owning a concept store. The thing that intrigues me most of her idea is the fact that concept stores can be moulded into so many different things in order to cater to various targets or objectives. Because of this, I can’t wait to see what else will come from this. Go Sofi!!!

Mozo shares it’s magical space, with a really awesome eating spot for all the foodies out there, a healthy eating spot called CK Cafe.

For now though, get into my favourite personal picks from the store.

And winter, eat your heart out!

mozo concept store by carla xiii
Necklace by Mozo.


mozo concept store by carla xiii
Backpack by Mozo.
mozo concept store by carla xiii
Bracelet set , bag and earrings by Mozo.

mozo concept store by carla xiii

mozo concept store by carla xiii
Black leather backpack by Mozo.
mozo concept store by carla xiii
Earring by Mozo.

mozo concept store by carla xiii   mozo concept store by carla xiiiDSCF3948

In conclusion, do YOURSELF a favour and visit the Mozo Concept Store, it is situated just opposite Fundação Leite Couto on Rua Ferñao Lopes, Maputo.  More details on the Mozo Website , follow them on IG for quicker updates. I’ll see you on my social media channels too!

Photography by : Sofia Borges.
Accessories and jewelry by : Mozo Concept Store