Birthday Glam | My sweet OMG I’m almost 30

OMG I’m almost 30! Just kidding, I’m not freaking out yet.

On this very special day a year has officially been added to me as well as my to my blog!!! #CarlaXIIIBlog turns 1 as I turn Twenty 8.

Last year this time, I gifted myself this blog with hopes of achieving the one other thing that would not only make me happy and feel somewhat fulfilled, but unexpectedly, with it came much more. I found my creative bliss and it’s been my biggest pleasure to curate, create and share with the world a little piece of me. Now, I don’t know if you guys experience this too but a few days before my birthday I tend to get caught up in random reflective moments and the one thing that has resonated with me this year has a lot to do with nurturing, womanhood and resolution.

In the very famous words of the late Maya Angelou:

“When you learn, teach, when you get, give.”

Although I had heard this in my early twenties, I fully understand the concept now and hope to relentlessly apply it to my purpose in life. Beyond this, the only thing firm in my heart is gratitude. I am soooo grateful for the struggles that built me, the opportunities afforded to me and so proud of the person I’ve become because of that.  I never thought of Twenty 8 as a big deal and it really isn’t, however for me this marks a new chapter in my life, the excitement literally fills my tummy with major butterflies!

My Birthday Glam

To celebrate this day, I decided to make it a point to create visuals that perfectly reflect my emotions and it couldn’t have been achieved without the help of Mozambican designer Shaazia Adam who came to my rescue at the 11th hour like the boss that she is. When I visited her store, which was shamefully my first time, I had the sudden urge to want to shoot in every item I saw in there, but I quickly composed myself and got to it.

For this shoot, I sourced this two-piece set from Shaazia Adam’s ready-to-wear collection that features gorgeous lace and bead embellishments. I needn’t tell you about the comfort and freedom I felt wearing this, the proof is in the optics, look at my silly poses!! But seriously, I’m obsessed with this two-piece, I want it in every color for the summer. The versatility of this ensemble made it so easy to accessorize, it didn’t need much really. I paired it with a simple clutch, huge black shades and plain cuffed pointed heels.

Get into it below!

Carla---28-anos1471 Carla---28-anos1479 Carla---28-anos1479Carla---28-anos1521Carla---28-anos1512  Carla---28-anos1497Carla---28-anos1527 Carla---28-anos1497 Carla---28-anos1521

About This Look

Two-Piece Set | Shaazia Adam (if you reside in Maputo, visit her store)
Heels | Aldo
Clutch | Ted Baker


Carlos Esper – Khanimambo Amigo!

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