Throwback | A Day At The Museum

So, here I am on a Friday afternoon, philosophising about the self, body and mind, as does everyone. Until my boyfriend decided to share with me a link featuring Pharrell Williams, interviewing Jaden and Willow Smith. By far one of the most inspiring interviews I’ve read in while, especially considering the rather large generation gap between myself and this young power duo.  Somehow, I managed to stay in tune with them and all it did was remind me of my path and my goals in life, in general.

As a fellow creative, it’s easy to get caught up in what everyone is doing that you end up feeling ridiculously inspired. I’m reminded also, that a huge effort needs to take place in order to drown that noise and continue creating, inspiring and aspiring to a bigger and better self. Do it for you.

But ok, moving on, before I was pleasantly interrupted, I was actually doing a general spring clean on my digital files, and boy my archives are GOLDEN. Before I started the blog, lots happened that eventually propelled me to putting this dream into gear and I mean endlessly chasing photographers and designers to collaborate with and pitch ideas that they would love too, which I still do by-the-way 😉 . I found these snaps that were a result of an impromptu shoot just outside the Maputo Natural History Museum, alongside a mozambican photographer – Celso Zaqueu. Can’t for get the gorgeous two-piece set by mozambican fashion designer Carla Parente!

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome and remembered that I hadn’t shared these pics before, so why not do it now.  In fact, I will share with you all a series of work that I had done before the blog and hope you enjoy that too.
Get into it below!
And a happy weekend to you all.
TOP AND BOTTOM – By Mozambican Designer Carla Parente
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