Bloom Season

Suddenly, it’s September! All the September issues are flaming off the shelves almost as fast as gym memberships. Let’s face it, half of us are disciplined enough to have a strict gym or workout scheduled, the rest of us well, we simply love the pressure 😉

A couple of months until summer, as well as the festive season, seriously still figuring out where all the time went. But let’s not dwell on that, I love this time of year because I get to start shopping with Summer in mind. The best part about Spring/Summer dressing are those iconic prints, that were showcased on all pertinent catwalks, like floral and aztec. Floral is a chic and fun print to mix and match with anything in your closet. Go for a floral look like the one I’ve featured here, pair a solid coloured bottom (jeans, shorts or a skirt) and some gorgeous pumps or sandals. For a little more fun and personality, mix it with some stripes! If worn well, you can’t go wrong with a floral statement piece this “bloom” season.

Nothing says summer like floral prints and the cold shoulder trend.

Have you thought about your Winter to Spring/Summer transition yet? Connect with me on social media and let me know what is on your style radar. #BloomSeason

“Utopia, é justiça” | “Utopia is justice”


For this shoot, I played it safe. Mostly because I knew the location would have so much going on in the background, I wanted to ensure there was enough room for all the details to stand out. I paired an off-the-shoulder floral top from H&M, with a plain black jean also from H&M (obsessed with this pair, it’s embarrassing just how many times I’ve worn it in the past few weeks), the blush pink heels are Nine West!

For a change, I had a special guest with me on the shoot, my girlfriend Dercia! I really didn’t give her much of a heads up, but she came through with a gorgeous summer dress in one of my favourite colours, TAN!  I realised then that I need to have guests more often, I love showing people the view from my lens and she looked gorgeous. Ignore the two ladies looking pretty in these pics, can we have a moment of gratitude for this mural? It’s absolutely beautiful, haven’t a clue abou the message it’s trying to send, but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

Dercia! Shine girl.


That’s me for now, whatever you do this season, shine and BLOOM <3 ! Thank you for checking back in, loads more coming soon so stay tuned. A special shout out to all my readers 7000 + clicks here already.

Ps. Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends and readers.



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