Accessories you need to be wearing this summer | Part 1

Summer, my favourite season is full swing and while the weather heats up and our tans darken, you should be heading to the Mozo Concept Store to get your hands on these amazing items that should be in your closet asap! If not in your closet then why not gift someone this holiday season?

I had the great privilege of previwing the store’s Spring/ Summer 16 (SS16) collection and already prompted a gift list for all my loved ones. There’s so much to browse through in the store, from carry on bags and various leather goods which are absolutely gorgeous, not only are they great quality but they are affordable too.

Here’s a selection of accessories you simply can’t live without this season and like I said, all the items are just as perfect to gift a loved one this Christmas. Let’s start with bags, shall we?

MOZO SS16 Collection Preview

The Leather Envelope Cluthimg_5664

This clutch is as versatile as it looks, of the many uses I’ve found for it, the best use has been to carry my iPad meaning it can be used for both men and women. You can however pair it up with an all denim look and top the look off with this leather clutch.


The Print Tote Bag

Tote bags are essential for those “throw-it-all-in” kind of days. If you’re anything like me and carry everything you could possibly need (in case of an emergency) in your bag then you will truly appreciate this tote bag. The print on the bag makes for a great accessory if you are pairing it with solid colours – Yellow Summer! <3

dscf4114 img_5722 img_5717

The Handmade ‘Design’ Jewelry

The necklace, the ring and the bracelet paired with this look worked seamlessly. I wanted to accessorise but also not over do it, summer is about the effortless styling and minimalism. What I love most about the jewelry are the unique stories behind how were they made, most if not all are curated in sustainable fashion and ethical environments. The ring with the gem is such a statement piece. The notebook featured below is also from the store #ILoveTata <3


Views from within!

img_5732 img_5733 img_5735

I dream of days like these, longer days and warmer nights, hassle-free styling – shorts and sandals, life is always good in summer. Thank you to CK Cafe for their truly inspirational space (the location) and a special thank you to MOZO for allowing me this preview.


Stay tuned for more updates regarding the preview, couldn’t put it all out there at once now could I 😉 Where’s the fun in that!



Photography | Sofia Borges + Patricia Ruas

Location | CK Café / Mozo Concept Store

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