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… Happy 2017 to all my readers!!!

I know it’s March, just over 12 weeks into the year and the pressure is on. I didn’t realize just how much I over think any major decision until recently, changes can be daunting however very necessary.

I’m back like I never left and very excited to produce the content that I have taken immense time to plan. You may notice a few changes in the direction of the blog, my approach as well as my execution. More details will follow so stay tuned. Thank you to all my returning visitors and a major WELCOME to my new readers, hope you get what you clicked for.

Since my last post, I decided to take a step back to micro-analise all my projects and re-arrange my priorities, my blog being my passion project maintains in my top priorities and to be very honest we all need a hiatus even from the things we love from time to time, particularly when making structural changes to your life. In summary, a self imposed mental vacay was due, in doing so I managed to press the reset button on my creative neurons whilst completely changing my life in a mere handful of decisions.

Time is an ever-changing variable and apparently even heals all wounds, last year this time Obama was still the leader of the free world, Beyonce was on the verge of yet another global domination album “Lemonade” and well my favourite soccer team begun their downward spiral only to end second on the Premier League table. Moral of the story, never give up you never know how close you may be and sometimes you might have to try more than three times to get to your goal, just be sure to make the necessary changes to better prepare you for the opportunity and/or challenge ahead.


Lately, I find myself partial to black and darker tones, but I am also excited to explore Pantone’s color of the year “greenery”, simply because green contrasts powerfully on monochrome tones, take black and white, throw in a pop of green and you get the ultimate minimalist formula.


The “Bardot” trend, also known as the “off-the-shoulder” trend took over our summer, trailing just behind Drake’s Summer ’16 #TeamNicki 😉 . This 70’s classic highlights other body features that we often forget have some charm – shoulders and neck bones. If you’re like me and form part of the itty-bitty-comitee, then this was the summer for you… seriously, there was no pressure to force a cleavage where there’s never any lol! Bliss I tell you – smart fashion – shop what works for you and what flatters your body type best.

True to form, I saw this bardot dress from a far at Cotton On and It’s been one of my absolute favorite purchases this summer. Styling this look was fairly easy as I had a late afternoon event to attend, I paired the look with simple single strapped heels, bold rose gold and black studs from Mimco. I went ahead and simulated a slight change in accessory, from the Ted Baker Tote to a mini clutch – my newest addition to those special collections of unique handmade stuff.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation is EVERYTHING!!! (Thank me later)




 Check back soon for updates or conveniently follow me on social media to stay up-to-date with new posts – Until then,



be you fearlessly

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