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Hi, I’m Carla – a mom and a digital content creative that spends most days juggling between being a present mom and fiancé, studying, a 9-5 as a Marketing Specialist in Digital Media and managing my own entrepreneurial pursuits one of them being this blog.

Welcome to my creative space!

When I initially started my blog in 2015, the intention was to inspire myself and young women alike to feel and be fearlessly confident . That intention remains to this day, however as I’ve grown and evolved with my brand, I’ve come to add a few more layers that reflect my personal journey with self-love and self-awareness. This of course is mainly portrayed on the blog with the use of content related to fashion, beauty, travel, and family.

Curating a digital platform of my own has afforded me the opportunity to get fully immersed in online advertising and content marketing. I love working with brands that are M.A.D (mad about digital), everything about “digital” enthrals me with excitement, particularly because the possibilities are endless. I pride myself in my professionalism and my ability to transform nothing into something.

“some highly imaginative tax shelters dreamed up by the accounting alchemists”

You can expect to find on the blog an assorted combination of lifestyle interests – fashion, beauty, travel, parenting, visual inspirations, musings, the arts, tech/gadgets, home decor and now also parenting content.

Because I aspire to inspire, you will also come across motivational content, personal stories about self-improvement, self-growth and well-being.

I currently use the beautiful vibey city of Johannesburg (South Africa) as my backdrop to showcase my personal take on the new African narrative of young African female millennials, personal style and daily living.



Carla XIII Blog [XIII pronounced “shee”] is a personal brand and the brainchild of Mozambican born, South African bred creative, digital influencer, digital marketing professional and all round digital business enthusiast – Carla Fernandes.

A personal style blog focused on family, fashion, beauty and lifestyle on a creatively curated platform.  The blog reflects a new African narrative of identity, impact, influence, style, diversity, creativity and everything in between. Carla’s mission is to develop inspirational and expressive content that is audience driven, with her personal touch.

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The CARLA XIII Blog reader and/or subscriber is no different to her, influential, young, aspirational, ambitious, empowered, empowering and on a constant search for positive impact, strong sense of identity, imaginative expressions, daily musings and a whole lot of personal style as a mode of self-expression.

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