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Allow me to re-introduce myself… just kidding, I really just thought it would be cool to start the first sentence of my very first post on my style blog with a famous phrase by Jay-Z, but ok, that might not go too well if you’re not fan or simply live under a rock somewhere and have no clue who I am talking about. Jokes aside, let’s do this!!!

Welcome and thank you for clicking your way this far, i promise I will not bore you with too much writing, but i do have to have a few thoughts to share with you.  I will start by telling you that my biggest challenge this week, was writing this post, the pressure was on hundred thousand and I started overthinking everything, wrote about three drafts only to chuck all three away and go with a completely different approach. I made a conscious decision to just be me, simply. Think out loud and type it way.

Just before i get carried away with the personal, the photos on this post were taken in studio with help from my super awesome colleagues. I managed to snap a few myself, but of course i still consider myself very much an amateur in photography, but i let you be the judge.  For this fun shoot, i wore a faux fur waist-coat and paired with a simple pencil skirt and pointy heels. I live for co-ords and when i don’t have them I usually aim for something close or alike.

Side note // don’t mind the imperfections , the pulled backdrop or the shadows. I will eventually master the skills of photography and editing. Meanwhile, take pleasure in the ‘raw’.



I turned 27 years old on August 13th and i’ve never felt anymore sure of the things i love and the things i simply have to pursue relentlessly. Experience has taught me that Life can sometimes be a process of elimination – getting rid of the things that simply aren’t working and making space for new opportunities. There comes a time however, that one needs to be decided and tunnel vision on that, for me, that has been digital marketing, specifically with fashion and lifestyle.



Let’s get one thing clear and out the way, music rules everything around me, i draw immense inspiration from it and those who craft it. Most of my post titles as you will notice will most likely be related to a song or have some underlining tone of it. Second to this passion, comes my love for fashion and all things aesthetically pleasing. I’m convinced God added an extra spoonful of creativity when he made me, i seriously can’t explain my uncontrollable urge to add my personal touch to everything, stay tuned and you will see exactly i mean.



Following the continued success of my first digital/online project AV Magazine, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect and opportune to introduce a personal branded project – Carla XIII, my very own style blog, curated with a lot of heart and a great deal of thought and creativity. 

On this platform, I will share with you my journey in a fast paced and highly innovative industry we all know as ‘fashion’, I’m talking fashion marketing, fashion business, but make no mistake, there will be a lot of fun and sometimes personal posts. This is a journey.

I will be covering my style journey, my travel experiences as well as my social experiences titled “Conversations With Carla”, this is a very lifestyle segment in which I will meet with various personalities from all sorts of backgrounds and industries to style profile them as well as just have great conversations and take beautiful pictures of them and with them – how lucky am I, my guest list is a secret for now *wink, wink*.  This is me for now, please don’t be shy to let me know your thoughts or connect with me on social media. 


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