LIFESTYLE :: Foodie Encounters at Treehouse

I am on a mission to create content out of any opportune moment and this was no exception. As a result, starting today and every other day, I will be profiling a series of food spots that I find exceptional.
This past week, a couple of girlfriends and I decided on an impromptu lunch at Treehouse – a cosy new restaurant in the heart of the city of Maputo. This was the perfect way, if not the only possible way to end a week in which I was effectively asleep on my feet.
Picanha (also known as rump-cap or rump cover) was on the menu and of course that is what stood out for me. I was pleasantly impressed with the dish, it was served in an unconventional way but perfectly suited the theme, rather the decor mood of the restaurant. I’m still trying to figure out if all their dishes come with skewers, will confirm the next time I am there. Back to the food, it was delicious and pretty much true to the typical picanha dish, the traditional sides, black bean stew, white rice, fried banana, farofa (a toasted cassava flour mixture) etc., I know it sounds like a lot, but it is undoubtedly a taste combo made in heaven.
I would recommend this spot, just be sure to go with time, its a great place to kick back and enjoy long conversations over food and drinks, oh, and avoid going on a cloudy grey day.
An accidentally on purpose product placement moment featuring Vumba water.
An ‘accidentally on purpose’ product placement moment featuring Vumba water.


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