I’ll be the first to admit it, I only just got over the major FOMO I had going last weekend for Coachella 2017, however half the pain subsided when I reminded myself that even The Queen Bey didn’t make it this year.


To make up for what I missed out at this grand music festival, I went digging for some boho-inspired staples and with a little help from a stylist friend @CarlaParente, we pulled this cute ensemble together for an easy afternoon in between meetings and errands. After observing a few frequent Coachella-goers you realize that there is some type of dress – modern boho, in summary! You can’t go wrong with something breezy, feathery, tassel-embellished pieces, off-the-shoulder crop tops, custom denim jackets, metallic temporary tattoos, body chains and knee-high gladiator sandals, I’m sure you will all agree on this. Well, here’s my more humble attempt…

This will simply have to do for now – see you next year Coachella!



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