Empire State of [Mindfulness]

Someone else’s success should be nothing but your motivation!

A few things have me thinking lately, such as the consciousness of living with purpose, but not the kind that merely exists in your head but the one that shouts from your heart and soul – could I be living a life without purpose or intention? This year has been a year of growth and self-awereness, it’s only fitting that I actively put myself in check, otherwise what’s the point to all the soul searching? As you can clearly see, I have many questions to answer and yet I’m also reminded of just how far I’ve come with regards to my own personal growth. I feel so ready and probably over-prepared for the major changes ahead – if there is even such a thing. So, what inspires YOU? What get’s YOU going? Most importantly… where are YOU going to?

More about this personal journey in my next posts.


Maputo features so many weird and wonderful poetic nuances and I’ve had the pleasure of having a device with me conveniently to capture only a glimpse of all that it has to offer. I’ve also been fortunate enough to be able to create this platform as an outlet to then share all this weirdness and wonderfulness of this city.

Recently, the city skyline has introduced a few new buildings – but one in particular stands out from the rest by far, so much so that it seems to be a common feature in so many magazines since the rise of the pair – An aesthetically enchanting architectural marvel, overlooking the scenic bay of Maputo.


Not only is this project the current architectural focus, it is now home to a few interesting meeting spots for business or leisure. Now, I’m inclined to be particularly interested in the latter, so in that very same spirit I went on a mission to try out their new food spot at the towers – AZUL Restaurant (Azul means Blue in Portuguese), if ever you’re in town, I certainly recommend. As for the former reason, I do business too and this for me is the ideal place to source inspiration from, get some coffee, hog the wi-fi and get through those emails and blog admin.

After my fittings with local fashion designer Carla Parente, although we were over dressed we thought why not indulge on a afternoon lunch followed by photos… and just like that, we went from overly dressed for the occasion to fitting it just right. But let’s be honest, since when do women ever need a reason to look and feel absolutely fabulous? Never.

Get into the pics below…

Foodie details // top left – roasted butternut soup, top right – grilled fillet steak. Bottom left – grilled salmon, bottom right – breaded squid


Both dresses by Carla Parente.
Sunglasses by Tory Burch

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