Remember why you started

I am, a creative. I’d even go as far as saying that I was born with an innate ability to make stuff up – creatively! This is my superpower. Having gone through a transitional phase the past few months, I was forced to question myself on the reasons why I’ve committed to certain things and/or people, one of those things was the blog. So why am I blogging, well that’s simple, I did it for the “D” … by that I mean dinheiro (money in Portuguese)… lol!!! I’m kidding, I just wanted to insert that inside joke somewhere with hopes that you would giggle a little at least, no?! Ok, let’s keep it moving. Time to remember…


I did it because I needed a creative outlet, I wanted to showcase my ideas, thoughts and point of view from a creative perspective. I wanted to tell stories, my own and hopefully others, I needed to feel that I could impact someone in the world positively. The good intention was there but certainly not well thought out and in execution things were just not cut clear, but I did something, I created.


I’ve come to understand that when you’ve built a personal brand, it becomes extremely difficult to separate yourself from the brand (no sh*t genius, that’s the definition of a personal brand), point is if I’m not ok, be it emotionally or otherwise, it will always reflect on my brand which I’ve carefully and lovingly curated for a little over two years now. So it’s no surprise that in my quest for balance I’ve had to place my personal brand under review to match the growth I’m seeking personally. I’ve since found and defined a few values or brand pillars that I’m now required to stay true to in all my current and future endeavours, these values are – Identity, Impact and Influence. “I” to the Third Power, I absolutely love this concept, thank you Timothy Maurice Webster for your insightful conversations and an amazing book that’s since helped me understand the power and more importantly the magic and artistry of “Personal Brand Intelligence”. A must have book for anyone creating or working on their personal brand. Another facet that compliments “Brand Intelligence” is self awareness and Shonda Rhimes addresses this beautifully in her book “The Year of Yes“, I’ve given a copy to a few friends with hopes that they find the same value I did, which is that regardless of where your path may take you, “Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person”.


A key takeout from my journey so far has to be my constant reminder to always have fun. That’s the magic!!! (Thank you Shonda for this affirmation). Truth is, sh*t will sometimes hit the fan, it’s an inevitable part of growth, so when your “magic” is challenged ALWAYS REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED. And on that note, I pulled out a few photos from a session I had with AfroTwin D that was stashed in my golden archives around a time that my magic was starting to be challenged and somehow we still produced an excellent batch of optics – thanks D.

carla xiii remember why you started photo by afrotwin d

Rap Thought of the Day

Years in the makin’, they don’t try mistake it

I got ’em by a landslide, we talk about races

You know this never be a tie, just look at they laces

You know careers take off, just gotta be patient

– Kendrick Lamar [ELEMENT]

carla xiii remember why you started photo by afrotwin d


carla xiii remember why you started photo by afrotwin d Thank you all for being on this journey with me! Let’s wrap up 2017 on a high, no need to wait for the new year to start paving your path in pure gold.

Photography by: Daniela Mondlane (check out her style blog AfroTwin d Blog)

Outfit Details : Beige Two-Piece Set and Wallet from Sissyboy Jeans, Watch by Anne Klein

You can find the aforementioned books by clicking on these links:

1. Year of Yes By Shonda Rhimes

2. Personal Brand Intelligence by Timothy Maurice Webster 


shonda rhymes year of yes book, timothy maurice webster personal brand intelligence


Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flame.

– Rumi



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